Latest Fuselibs not loading images via url

Hello! After upgrading to the latest Fuselibs (25.10.2018) Image or ImageFill classes with Url doesn’t load anymore on Preview+iOS+Android. Can be reproduced with:

<Image Url="" />

@kusma @Morten_Daniel_Fornes probably cos of latest change from Buffer to byte[]?

Seems you guys missed a few spots…




Fuse.Drawing.Primitives - Rectangle

This sounds more like trying to use a new fuselibs with old uno to me…?

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That’s the case! I wasn’t aware that the two should be up-to-date together since in the docs they are introduced as separate (installation etc).

Oh shucks, yeah, that’s probably it @kusma, will test and get back to y’all.

Hello! I’m getting the same “Could you be missing a package reference” error after this:

  1. Download Uno 1.10
  2. git clone (to /Users/mattitihverainen/Fuse/fuselibs-public)
  3. Add if (DEV) {Packages.SourcePaths += “/Users/mattitihverainen/Fuse/fuselibs-public”} to ~/.unoconfig
  4. Run “make” in Uno directory (output as an attachment) (83.9 KB)

“uno config” says:

Android.NDK.Directory      /Users/mattitihverainen/Library/Android/sdk/ndk-bundle
Android.SDK.BuildToolsVersion (../../Library/Application Support/Fusetools/Fuse/Android) 23.0.1
Android.SDK.Directory      /Users/mattitihverainen/Library/Android/sdk
Assemblies.Plugins         src/compiler/Uno.Compiler.Extensions/bin/Debug/Uno.Compiler.Extensions.dll
Assemblies.Test            src/testing/Uno.TestRunner.CLI/bin/Debug/uno-test.exe
Assemblies.TestGen         src/testing/Uno.TestGenerator/bin/Debug/uno-test-gen.exe
Assemblies.Uno             src/main/Uno.CLI.Main/bin/Debug/uno.exe
CMake                      /Users/mattitihverainen/Library/Android/sdk/cmake
HaveAllSDKPackages         (../../Library/Application Support/Fusetools/Fuse/Android) false
Java.JDK.Directory         /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_40.jdk/Contents/Home
Packages.Default           (config) Fuse
                           (config) FuseJS
Packages.InstallDirectory  prebuilt/lib
Packages.SourcePaths       /Users/mattitihverainen/Fuse/fuselibs-public
Paths.AppLoader            src/runtime/@(AppLoaderProj)/bin/Debug

Following aeq’s instructions in Oct 2018 - How to update to latest Fuselibs and Uno and adding “/Source” to the SourcePaths did the trick.

@kusma could you please check the how to and let us know what’s missing or not right cos a hello world is not working at the moment: Oct 2018 - How to update to latest Fuselibs and Uno

Are you commenting on the wrong thread? Sounds like things works for the op…

I was a bit hasty with reporting my success because eventually running “fuse preview” gives a fatal error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” even with a simple


project. I followed aeq’s steps in the post linked above.