Unknown data type Include


I’m just trying Fuse out and it seems that after running the circle menu example once, closing fuse, and reopening the build consistently fails by not finding the Include tyle in MainMenu.ux

If I reimport the files in the project the issue disappears until I close Fuse.

I’m running this with the latest version of Fuse on OS X El Capitan. Is this a know issue? Or I could be doing something silly, as I said I’ve only just started to look at Fuse.

Thanks Chris

Actually, it only seems to happen after using the inspector. I’ve noticed that updating values in the inspector isn’t actually updating the preview, is it possible that there is a bug in the inspector that may be corrupting the state of the application?

Thanks for reporting this! There’s a bug in the inspector which causes it to change <ux:Include/> into <Include/>. Currently the only workaround is to not use the Inspector on .ux files that use the include feature.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and will let you know as soon as this has been fixed!

No problem, good to know!