After upgrade can't preview local

Hi, i installed the last update 0.25.4
When i tried to preview show the next errors

C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Scripting.V8\0.35.12$.uxl(7.34): E0000: Failed to load assembly C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Scripting.V8\0.35.12\lib\DotNet\ The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)

i unistalled and reinstalled a couple of times, i renamed the “uno” folder to installation make it again.
but the path 0.35.12\lib\DotNet\ not exist.

the file $.uxl is there on the path.

i’m testing with a simple

Thank you.

Hi, which version of Fuse were you on before 0.25.4?

What’s the output of dir c:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Scripting.V8\0.35.12\lib\DotNet\

Can you try to delete C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Scripting.V8\0.35.12\lib\.stuff and C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Scripting.V8\0.35.12\lib\DotNet, and then run fuse preview again?

Thanks, well i don´t know what the problem was, i unistall and reinstall erlier versions until the last version, and it compile again.

And i have a doubt, in what library the pagecontrol is?
i compile my app from a months a go and i have received E8001: Data type not found: PageControl
Error E8001: Data type not found: PageControl

thanks again.

Good to hear that you got the dll working.

You shouldn’t have to include any special libraries to use PageControl. Can you please post a minimal example of it not being available? Maybe it also helps to have a look at this example that uses it.

I replace the .unoproj packages.
i did create a simple new project then i copied the

“Packages”: [
“Includes”: [

to my “old version” project and this it, run again.
next is the list of packages name in my project before replace :


thank you.

The new .unoproj should work. Can you try to create a small reproduction of this issue? Then maybe I can see what exactly is wrong.