fuse has stopped working on windows 10 x64

hi, i can’t preview my project. i get error as bellow:

help me,please

Hi Joe,

So Fuse worked fine before you upgraded to Windows 10?

No,never worked fine.

I see, could you send me the logs found at %localappdata%\Fusetools\Fuse\Logs and upload them to https://www.dropbox.com/request/ZgndLtJQm5eGzG9cicGK.

Pro Tip

  1. Press Win+R
  2. Paste in %localappdata%\Fusetools\Fuse\Logs
  3. Press enter or click ok

I uploaded log files.

Thank you for uploading the logs. I couldn’t find anything of interest in the logs though. Does it crash in all the apps you have tried?

Yes, all projects crashed.

i executed as windows 7 and worked.But i get new error message as below:

Could you try to run fuse kill-all and then fuse daemon from CMD?

Thanks, worked finally…