fuse preview stuck on loading project...

Hello everyone thank you for helping me on this problem

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to provide any assistance without any information what-so-ever about your issue.

  • What OS are you running
  • Which preview? (iOS? Android? Desktop?)
  • Are you getting any error message?
  • Which version of Fuse are you running?
  • Have you tried a reboot after installing Fuse and re-running Preview?
  • Where do you run Preview from? (Dashboard? Command line? Which command are you running?)

=> I am using Windows 8.1 X64

=> I am trying run fuse preview with the command line

=> i have no error but it’s stuck on loading preview

Can you please upload the project in question?

Please create a ZIP-file with the project so we can test it – screenshots won’t suffice unfortunately. You can upload your ZIP-file directly to us using this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/ZgndLtJQm5eGzG9cicGK

I just uploaded the project

thank you for your support

Hello Bent Stamnes

have you tested the project on your side ?

We will let you know when there is any progress on this issue.

Hello everyone

I was able to solve my problem by restarting my machine

thank you for your support