Push notification-iOS

I am trying to get Apple APNS to work with my Fuse project, I am following the instructions on this repo: https://github.com/fuse-compound/Fuse.APNS/blob/master/src/Docs/Guide.md
When I try to get the device token nothing shows up on my terminal? Shouldn’t the example code get me the device token? I only get this on my terminal: “Reg Failed: no valid “aps-environment” entitlement string found for application”

Hi Obada.

A quick google search tells us that this is, most likely, an issue with provisioning profiles on your machine. See this Stackoverflow thread for details.

You should set up your app correctly in iTunes connect, and then refresh/download all applicable profiles and certificates in XCode.

Hope this helps!


If updating provisioning profiles is an issue, we can again check stackoverflow for help.

You need to get the right provisioning profiles and certificates on your machine.

Is there a solution for sending notifications for more than one device using the same example project?

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand that question. Your application should tell your backend which device token belongs to which user, and the backend should then send push notifications to applicable tokens.

How many devices receive a given push notification is totally up to you.