Thanks for my first simle app!

I want to say huge “thank!” to the Fuse team for fulfilling my dream - to create a simple first application! In past year i made prototype and now i decide transform my prototype to real app and i’ve got it!
video &

For the opportunities that provide Fuse the development team already deserved the best places in paradise :slight_smile:

Now I’m recording a video for a russian-speaking audience (later I’ll add the link here), where I will briefly introduce Fuse and his capabilities. I have questions that I did not specify during my study:

  • UX Markup is an XML-framework or is it a separate language like XAML, QML and Lua?

  • Is it possible to create a desktop application in the future?


Hey there and congratulations on finishing your first app — happy to see you’re having a good time using Fuse. :slight_smile:

As for your questions: UX Markup is indeed a separate markup language based on XML, just like XAML and QML, but it’s our own language which is specifically designed to work with mobile apps. There are no current plans to have Fuse export desktop applications, no — our focus is on native mobile apps for iOS and Android for now.

Thanks! Now I understand.

@amatyukh: nice first steps right there!

I took a look at your code, and while it’s perfectly fine for a tiny app like that, I’d still suggest you to take the Tutorial and pay close attention to “Splitting up components” section. When you have that down, you’ll be ready to build larger apps and write code that’s easy to maintain going forward.

Keep it up!

@Uldis: Thanks for advice! I will definitely study this aspect in the future

I added the video in Russian, but the English subtitles are automatically generated, maybe this video will be useful for someone )

@amatyukh: nice intro to Fuse! Russian isn’t a problem for us either :slight_smile:

@Uldis thanks, nice to hear! :slight_smile: I hope that more Russian-speaking colleagues will get acquainted with this wonderful tool :slight_smile: