Is UX Markup the same as XML. Whats the best way to learn UX markup


I’ve gone through the videos on youtube and I see similarities of UX Markup and XML. Whats the best way to learn UX Markup. Should I learn XML or do they have their differences. Are there any online tutorials that teach UX Markup


Hi David,

as stated on the first page in the docs, UX Markup is a declarative-reactive XML-based language for creating native, responsive and smoothly animated interactive components for iOS and Android. UX is easy to learn, fun to write and incredibly powerful. So as you can see, it’s based on XML and it is XML in that sense.

However, the semantics of it are Fuse-specific, so “learning XML” will only get you as far as understanding the basic structure of XML documents.

With Fuse, the suggested and most fun approach is to take the tutorial. Some previous programming experience wouldn’t hurt (especially around the JavaScript bits), but for an open mind that is likely not necessary at all.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the quick response.

BTW- Fuse is a great Platform. This will change how apps are created

Cheers !!!