Would like some help involving text-wrapping.


I’ve just started with fuse, and I’ve been following along to the official YouTube videos to try and get the hang of it.

My issue is that while following the ‘Fetching and Displaying Data’ video (link below), I have managed to load data into my view, but I cannot get my text to wrap for some unknown reason.

Any help would be great, and my code for the wrapping, etc, is below.

<ScrollView ClipToBounds="true">
			 <Each Items="{jsonData}">
					<DockPanel Margin="0, 0, 0, 10">
						<Image Url="{thumbnailUrl}" Dock="Left" />
						<Text Value="{title}" TextWrapping="Wrap" Alignment="Center" Dock="Left" />

YouTube tutorial link

Hi there!

I believe we have a bug that stops textwrapping from working when the text element is docked inside a dockpanel.
If you remove the Dock="Left" from the Text and change alignment to CenterLeft then you should get the desired result.