TextInput PlaceHolder text squashed on Android

PlaceHolder text for TextInput is squashed on Android when the TextInput doesn’t have focus. It’s displayed alright when it does have focus. See attached images.

This project was last build end of September 2017, so the whatever causes this must have happened afterwards.

Fuse version 1.6.0 (build 15273), MacOS 10.13.2

It seems any text entered to the TextInput will also be squashed to the left when focus is lost.

Hi booster,

do you happen to have a minimal reproduction for this? Which Android version is that?


No repro, but I’ll try and make one. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something known before I started spending customer time on the issue :slight_smile:

The device is running Android 4.4.2

It happens with any that has TextWrapping=“Wrap”. Removing TextWrapping solves the issue (but then wrapping doesn’t work ofcourse. I can live with that in this case :)).

Hey, booster!

I logged issue related to your problem here.

great - thanks! <3