Inverted Placeholder in TextInput (Android)

Fuse 1.3.0 14520 - Macosx Sierra 10.12.6 - Android 7.0 (Samsung s8+)

On my Android device the password placeholder have a inverted behavior. I reproduce the error and here:

on preview work fine (no focus vs focus Input):

on my S8+ (no focus vs focus Input):

<App Background="Red">	
	<TextInput ux:Name="_textInputCore" ux:Class="MyInput" PlaceholderColor="#fff" TextColor="#fff" CaretColor="#fff" Padding="10,10,0,10">
	      <GiveFocus Target="_textInputCore" />
	        <Change Target="textInputRectangleColor.Width" Value="100%" Duration="0.5" Easing="CubicInOut" />
	        <Change Target="_textInputCore.PlaceholderColor" Value="#ddd" Duration="0.5" Easing="CubicInOut" />
	    <Rectangle CornerRadius="100" Height="2." Width="0%" ux:Name="textInputRectangleColor" Offset="0,10" Alignment="Bottom" >
	        <SolidColor Color="#6861c1" />
	    <Rectangle CornerRadius="100" Width="100%" Height="2." Offset="0,10" Alignment="Bottom" >
	        <SolidColor Color="#fff" />

	<Panel Height="50">
		<MyInput Margin="0,10,0,0" IsPassword="true" PlaceholderText="Password" />

I managed to get the same result on my Huawei P10 (Android 7.0)

If i understand the issue correctly, you are reporting that the placeholder text has carets(the star-symbols), correct?

yes, the placeholder text has carets(the star-symbols) but only when is unfocus

Alright, that’s pretty interresting. I created a ticket for it, thanks!

This was actually already fixed for 1.4, which should be available for pre-release testing soon