TextView auto-grow and PlaceholderText are broken on Android

Fuse 0.20.2, Windows 10, preview on Nexus5


  1. TextView is not auto-grow when user enters newline

  2. PlaceholderText is not visible until user taps on the area of specific TextInput/TextView

Works as expected in local

        <float4 ux:Global="bgColor" ux:Value="#858887" />
        <StatusBarBackground />
        <Rectangle ux:Class="MyDivider" Height="1" Fill="#ddd"/>

        <TextInput PlaceholderText="Add Title" PlaceholderColor="bgColor" />
        <MyDivider />
        <TextView PlaceholderText="Short description" MinHeight="50" PlaceholderColor="bgColor" />
        <MyDivider />
        <TextInput PlaceholderText="Add Title" PlaceholderColor="bgColor" />
        <MyDivider />


Thanks for your report! The PlaceholderText not visible issue has been fix in the latest bugfix release :slight_smile:

Try adding TextWrapping="Wrap" to your TextView :slight_smile:

works as expected, thanks for the fix!

TextView has no PlaceholderText attribute in Fuse 1.4.0 :frowning:
What a pity! Any suggestions? I need a multiline input with a placeholder.

Its very easy to implement your own:

    <TextView ux:Class="MyTextView" TextWrapping="Wrap" ux:Name="self">
        <string ux:Property="PlaceholderText" />
        <float4 ux:Property="PlaceholderColor" />
        <Text ux:Name="placeholder" Value="{Property self.PlaceholderText}" TextColor="{Property self.PlaceholderColor}" FontSize="{Property self.FontSize}" />
        <WhileString Compare="{Property self.Value}" Test="IsNotEmpty">
            <Change placeholder.Visibility="Hidden" />

        FontSize="20" />

Thank you a lot! To be honest, it may be very easy for programmer, but not so easy for designer :slight_smile: