TextInput, InputHint="Decimal", iOS

Hello guys,

I have a TextInput with an InputHint as Decimal.

<TextInput ux:Name="inputText" InputHint="Decimal" Padding="10,10,10,10" PlaceholderText="{placeholderText}" PlaceholderColor="PlaceholderTextColor" TextAlignment="Right" Value="{inputValue}" CaretColor="PlaceholderTextColor">

The problem here is that on iOS I can input as many decimal delimiters as I want like this:

As I’m not very familiar with iOS so I don’t know which is the default behaviour for this specific case. But I think it shouldn’t be normal to input several decimal delimiters, thus my question.

Can someone give me some input on this?

Looks like this is actually the default iOS behavior. :-/

The easiest way to work around it is probably to use an OnValueChanged-handler in JS that makes sure there’s only one decimal point in the input.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to deal with both . and , depending on the locale of the device.