TextInput PlaceholderText not displayed

Hey there, i’m having trouble setting the PlaceholderText from a String in JS. This works with a normal Text.Value. Is this a known issue? Are there any workarounds? I’m currently on v 0.11.0 6172.

<App Theme="Basic">

        module.exports = 
            textLabel : "Input field 2",
            textWriteSomething : "Write something …"

        <Text Margin="0,16,0,0" Padding="8,8,8,8" Value="Input field 1" FontSize="12" />
        <TextInput PlaceholderText="Write something …" />

        <Text Margin="0,16,0,0" Padding="8,8,8,8" Value="{textLabel}" FontSize="12" />
        <TextInput PlaceholderText="{textWriteSomething}" />


I just updated to v0.12.1 6293, problem persists.


This is not a known issue. Thanks for reporting!