Decimal point on Number Style textinput

When using a TextInput or TextEdit and setting its InputStyle to “Number” so that only numbers show up on the device keyboard, the decimal point is hidden on iOS. The button that should have a decimal point is just blank, the only way around this is to NOT use an InputStyle. This only happens on iOS for me.

Thanks for reporting this issue. An internal ticket has been filed and will be looked at soon.

Thanks for your patience! Hope you are able to find a temp work-around.

I have the same issue, but with Android. Thank you for looking into this, looking forward to a solution. :slight_smile:

Edit: My only workaround is using InputHint=“Phone”. Annoying as you have to hit another key to get to the decimal, but it’s something until Number gets resolved.

Hey guys, this has been fixed and will make it into a release shortly. We now support Decimal and Integer InputHints on both Android and iOS, hope this’ll make your days better :slight_smile:

The amount of love I have for you all, is astronomical. Much obliged. :slight_smile:

Curious, any idea on an ETA for that release? Thank you kindly!


Next one :wink:

No worries good sir. I trust you guys, just anxious is all. :slight_smile:

This fix is included in Fuse 0.11, which we hope to get shipped in a few days.

If you want to try out Fuse 0.11 now, you can get it from Note that while 0.11 has been fairly well tested internally, it still has a few known bugs that we want to close before officially shipping it.

Thank you for the update! :slight_smile: