TextInput Caret Position

Hey guys,

I’d like to get the current caret position for particular input for some text processing, so how can i do getting it ?

Thanks !

In short, you can’t control (or read) the caret position. What are you building that would require this?

Hi @Uldis,
i know that it’s not implemented yet, i’ve took a general view on all Uno libraries related to TextEdit, TextInput, TextInputControl, MobileTextEdit etc.

I’m intending to build an Input for Comments for a Social Network and i have to add Mentions for Panel for the input. I have build it and functioning almost fine, but still need some enhancement using Caret Position.



Also i can wrap a new native control but i haven’t sufficient information on how your Renderer works, because don’t like to attach it using NativeViewHost, it’s the worst choice :disappointed_relieved: .

Last thing i can say, i can trace the caret position using onValueChanged and see the difference between last value and current one … but i think it doesn’t seems to be good !