Community Project - How to build a text and text input module for iOS and Android

If anyone’s interested, join the open conversation with ideas on getting this done, until its actually done :slight_smile:, probably part of a broader conversation around internationalization and text features like caret control, highlighting, underling, etc.


Hi aeq,
I think that a Input module would be a great help for every Fuse enthusiast specially for beginners as I am. What are your ideas about? Can you explain better what do you mean with ‘internationalization, caret control, highlighting, underling, etc.’?

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I’m thinking that we either reuse the platforms libraries (iOS or android) or write our own cross-platform version of those libraries in Uno or JavaScript.

Concept of Internationalization:

Caret control is just about exposing or creating functions that handle the caret in an input control. e.g. getting the carets position and selecting text or adding text at a specific caret position

Text Selection can be used to highlight specific text based on selection (drawing a colored background behind text). Highlighting text in a text control is probably a separate module we can make but it requires finding the position of a selection of text.

Underlining is similar to highlighting except it draws a line underneath the selected text.