Move inputText caret position

I’m working on a module to apply masks to inputText fields.

My module basically create a new Observable() string and watch the changes on the variable. Then, the module apply the mask in the Observable string.

The problem is:


(The field isn’t for email, i’m just using the email input as an example)

When my Observable change the value, the caret doesn’t follow the end of the string.

If it were possible, it would be wonderful to have a feature to move the caret programmatically…

This feature would help me to solve the masks on Fuse, and would also help my team to complete this task.

Thanks for the suggestion! We have an internal ticket on this, and it’s now linked to this forum post. You’ll get notified when there’s some movement on this.

I had the same problem, I spent like 5 hours trying to figure it out, but at the end it turn out to work fine once it runs on the actual device. Tested on iOS only.