TextField showing outside of ParentView when it is active in NativeViewHost and GraphicsView


I am using Mapbox in my project and show fuse view above the mapbox so I am using GraphicView to add Fuseview. But when I am adding TextInput and click on it, a keyboard is shown and view scroll to the upside. All other views become disappear when we scroll up but active TextInput not becoming appear. It is showing outside of its parent view. I have set ClipToBounds but not working.

I have created a sample project to generate this issue. Please check it:

Downloaded your project, ran it. However, I fail to understand your description of the problem.

Perhaps all you’re missing is a <BottomBarBackground Dock="Bottom" IncludesKeyboard="true" /> to constrain the available space within the DockPanel on your pages?


When we scroll up, active TextInput showing outside of Page and other TextInputs are inside of Page. Show images.

Active TextInput:

Other TextInputs:

Thanks for clarifying, I now logged a ticket about this and you can follow the status there.

Thanks Uldis