Keyboard duplication, I think

Fuse version 1.4.0 (build 14778) /
MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 /
Preview mode in iOS

So, something interesting is happening when trying to input in WebView. I have included some screenshots of what is happening.

The content seem to render as expected:

New photo by Terje Mikalsen

However, when tapping at the input field, it “disappears” visibally:

New photo by Terje Mikalsen

When starting typing, it appears broken, now suddenly further up:

New photo by Terje Mikalsen

When tapping at the input field and scrolling, only the field is scrolling:

New photo by Terje Mikalsen

When tapping elsewhere and scrolling, only the input fields seem to stay static:

New photo by Terje Mikalsen

So, to me this seem like some keyboard overlay issue or something, or am I wrong?

The code is a follows:

<DockPanel Dock="Fill">

	<!-- WebView for OAuth - Start -->
	<WhileTrue Value="{WebViewEnabled}">
		<DockPanel Dock="Fill" ux:Name="WebView" Color="#FFFFFF">

			<NativeViewHost ux:Name="nvh">
				<WebView Dock="Fill" Url="{Url}" URISchemeHandler="{RecievedUri}">
						<EvaluateJS Handler="{PageLoaded}">
							return { url : document.location.href };
					<Change nvh.Opacity="0" Duration="0.5" />

	<!-- WebView for OAuth - End -->

	<!-- Default Login and Signup view - Start -->
	<!-- Default Login and Signup view - End -->

Hi Terje.

Could you please post a complete reproduction? One that shows the whole hierarchy up to the App tag - the issue might be something else, or a combination of things.

Please also include details on what is the target platform you’re testing on (iOS/Android, + version), and if the issue persists on both preview and build.

Hi Uldis,

The project now has been uploaded to you guys, so you should be able to run it.

We are targeting all newer versions of both Android and iOS (whatever that means). However, firstly we are performing tests for iOS. The issue happens in both preview and build.


Unfortunately that’s a little bit too big for me to figure out where the problem is.

I tried making a minimal repro, and found another issue with NativeViewHost on iOS, so maybe you can expand on that code of mine to try and reproduce the issue you’re seeing as well?