Being pretty new (maybe the last day or so) to the Fuse world, I have been reading over the docs and noticed that there is little mentioned about testing. In all of our production apps, we try to make sure we have test coverage to at least let us know when we break a major feature.

I can see two different potential paths for testing:

  1. Unit testing the business-logic/JS code
  2. Functional testing (which can be automated in both iOS and Android through their tools)

On the unit testing/JS side, we already have tons of tooling around javascript testing (i.e. jasmine, karma, mocha, etc.) that the Fuse shouldn’t have to write. I think if it were possible to use a transpiler/compiler (such as babel) and use the output in a Fuse projection, then the unit side of testing could maybe be supported without much Fuse work.

I would guess that functional testing would be the easiest to implement initially and I’d love to get started with Fuse. I think exposing the accessibility label (iOS) would make it possible to functional test without much more work.

In summary: support for testing would be awesome

Is there something new about unit testing with Fuse?

We have not written anything special about it. Is there anything in particular you need? Internally we use different kinds of JS testing frameworks and that seems to work fine. I just run the application with fuse build -t=dotnet -r and write the output to console using console.log.

Yes, I would like to create a performance test that can give me similar data as does the measure () method in Swift.