A build mode for user testing (This would be so far into the future)

I know this would not happen anytime soon, probably not even a year from now because this is not Fuse’s main focus, but something that would be very interesting is a build mode that produces a heatmap, and a JavaScript API to access the heatmap data so that we devs can send to our servers and use for feedback.

Taking a look at: http://canvasflip.com/

You’ll see how they produce a heatmap, so what if in the future (again long time from now) we could do something like:

fuse build -t=Android -mode=HeatMap something like that

Which would then allow us to use some JavaScript api that can read the heatmap data and send it to the server

So just posting this to put the idea out there for much much much later (I prefer to not keep it in my head)

Good idea! And you’re unfortunately correct that we won’t be able to prioritise it for a while.

We’re still focusing on improving the basics of Fuse, but are slowly transitioning to focus more on building tools on top of it.