Taking The Social Media Example to the Next level

Guys, Can we take the social Media Example to the Next Level , by adding 2 things : when menu is open the clicking on NEWS or FEED icons change the View on Main Panel to display NEWS or FEED, then when an Element on the Main Panel is clicked Navigate to the element Detail panel, ( sort of Master-Detail topology). I think this will add more value to the example and help us see a real life example when using a side menu. thx a bunch for all the great job you guys are doing.

Thx Hakim

Hey Hakim, thanks for the suggestion! We’re probably not going to change that example (because each example is deliberately meant to be small and self-contained), but creating a second example in the same vein as that one is a good idea. I’m making a note of it internally, though I can’t give you a release date or anything :wink:

But is there any example showing how to move from one screen to the other (intent) after clicking an element? Or how can one acheive this? Thanks


This example does something like that: https://www.fusetools.com/examples/pages-using-js

Perhaps it can point you in the right direction.

Thank you Kristian.