Help with side menu

Hi all,

New to fusetools. I am developing app which has sidemenu and the sidemenu are[Activity, Members, Login] but I having problem whenever Activity is clicked it doesn’t trigger Activity.ux same as Whenever Members is clicked the Members.ux doesn’t fire up. There is no any good example on fuse website. And seems like fuse dev has given up to update the document. Or any example reply on this post will be nice.

Hello, this example should help:

Fuse has not given up on the documentation, there will be a big release coming soon (no specific date) with updated documents and more features, if you join the slack team and join the #updates channel you’ll stay on the edge of what’s coming in fuse.

To really be able to help out with your problem, you’re going to need to show some relavent code. What you want to accomplish, what you tried, and then there may be people to help you.