Please make a complete app example

I have looked at the examples and I see that all of them display (render) one list of data. Is there an example of how to make a menu that makes it possible to select between displaying two lists of data ? I have modified the Social media example and want to extend the menu there to list contacts, messages. I have copied and modified the NewsItem.ux to display contacts. But how do I add this to the Sidebar.ux ?

Well in general I’m asking for a more complete app example. The examples that are there now explain different concepts, but not how to use fuse to build an app.

If you did this then it would be easy to figure out:

How to split a ux and js files: There must be some best practice in this.I looked at the Social media example. Here I wanted to reduce the size of the Myapp.ux file. Now the file is hard to read for a novice. A natural thing would be to put all the sidemenu stuff in one piece of code. Eg. The:

"Sidebar Width=“250” ux:Name=“menu” EdgeNavigation.Edge=“Left”… definition at the top has a relation to the code: Panel Margin=“7,5,5,5” Height=“32” Width=“32” HitTestMode=“LocalBounds” Clicked "

I tried to put this stuff in a separate file. As I do not want to look at details on how the hamburger icon transforms to an X in the main() part of code. I got error messages and was not able to figure out how to do this.

Definitions - where to place them:

I modified NewsItem.ux and created Contacts.ux just by following the logic. But I ran into some problems because of some definitions. The compiler complained that eg. SubText already was defined in NewsItem.ux Eg. The line in NewsItem.ux:

" Text ux:Class=“SubText” Alignment=“VerticalCenter” FontSize=“12” TextColor="#7a96b2" "

In the copy Contacts.ux I just commented out the definition. Now it works. But It is messy to have definitions that are used in both .ux files in one of them. The best would be to keep all these definitions in one place (file) so that the code is clean and easy to read.

This is what I can think of now. I’m impressed by Fuse and I like it. I see that this is just version 0.11. I think version 1.0 will be great and I’m prepared to struggle a bit creating my prototype using Fuse.

Regards Terje

Hi Terje,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

We are very aware of these issues and are working hard at addressing them. In particular the question of how structure larger applications with Fuse. There are several ways to do it already, but we haven’t gone public with an official best practice yet.

There are a few missing features in the works that will make all the pieces fall into place. Once these are out we will make several larger examples as well as release improved docs on best practices. Stay tuned!

Hi Anders and thanks for the reply

Do you have a timeframe for this ? I need to know if I should wait for Fuse, or if I should continue the ReactJS path. From what I have seen in Fuse so far I would prefer to use Fuse.

Regards Terje


We are working on it as we speak, so you will see things improving rapidly over the next few weeks and next few releases.

We are also working on integrating Angular2 and Fuse (optional to use) which gives a very strong pattern for organizing bigger projects.

If you are using Fuse for a commercial project, please reach out to us on Slack and we will make sure you get the support you need to succeed.

Hi Checking back on fusetools. 2 months since last time now :slight_smile:

If I got it right then it is now possible to split coude into separate files.

So the remaining question is if you have a compete app example ?

Regards Terje

Hi Terje,

We’ve been hard at work in the last two months (as well as before that) implementing features and coming up with a model to allow users to do this in a nice, scalable way. We think we’ve really nailed it by now, but what we’ve implemented isn’t released just yet. In the mean time, we’re hard at work making documentation and examples that showcase how to do scalable apps, and they’ll be available quite soon.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m exited to start developing some complete apps using fusetools.