Support for Safari View Controller

In order to implement the best practice Facebook login, one is encouraged to use the Safari View Controller. So it would be great if this was supported by Fusetools a long with the ordinary web view.


Good suggestion. If you need this specifically for facebook login, maybe you can create it with foreign code?

I struggled just getting some notification stuff out through foreign code, so I think it might be beyond my current skill set. I’m really a JavaScript developer…

Anywho, I believe it would be useful to auth with other services since this is the current best practice (fast app switching show extra modals in iOS 9 apparently (though I have never seen this) so FB says this is better).

Here is a sample with native FB login


Glad to see the issue was resolved, but can we have the Safari Web View Controller? It has many advantages including shared cookies which can be really helpful.

You can use the WebView control for that.

Hi Fudge.
I recently made a thin wrapper for SafariViewController.
It only supports showing a fullscreen controller for a URL, but if you need more functionality on top of that you might be able to add it yourself.

You can take a look at the code if you want. It might be enough for your use case:

Use the package like so:

var Safari = require("SafariViewController");

also, make sure to add a reference to the project in your .unoproj file:

	"Projects": [