I am trying to show an iOS alert controller. I tried with this code:

if defined(iOS) {
    var alert = iOS.UIKit.UIAlertController._alertControllerWithTitleMessagePreferredStyle(
        "My alert",
        "This is an alert",
    extern "presentViewController(alert, true, null);";

but presentViewController needs to have a UIViewController or rather be run inside one. Is this possible to achive with Fuse?

Good question: how do you integrate Fuse with native views?

On our side, a requirement would be to be able to present a new iOS view or to launch a new Android Activity over the Fuse app.

Hi guys,

The API for attaching custom native views to the UX heirarchy is currently not public, as it is undergoing changes and refactorings on a daily basis.

We will document it thoroughly once the feature matures.

If you are trying to show an alert view, that is a separate feature that will get nice JS APIs soon.

I don’t need to combine UX and native views, but pausing Fuse and overlaying a fullscreen native view.