Sign Up - Sign In Screen Functionality

I’ve been trying to figure out a Sign Up - Sign In to app functionality for the past couple weeks to no avail. Should I have it built into xCode then select the views in the right order? I’ve tried everything…

Also: is it possible to really build a ready-to-launch app via Fuse?

Hi Jake,

I don’t understand exactly what it is you’re asking. Have you had a look at for instance our video login example?

Have you tried to build this in Fuse, or in XCode? What have you tried exactly?

It is indeed possible to build complete apps in Fuse, the first apps are already beginning to show up in app stores. You should not need to write anything in XCode unless you need to do some custom integration with iOS features that are not exposed in Fuse.

I think Jake is talking about the functionality, not the design / layout.

It heavily depends on your back end I guess… I didn’t need to deal with sign-up as we’re dealing with existing customers that want some mobile capability talking to an existing back end. But I still needed to deal with the user entering logon details that are sent along with requests to a RESTFull API. I want to expand this to using something like auth2 but for now this does.

Indeed the missing bits in the examples is how to get this going, authenticating to the back end and keeping that as state to sent along.

While the example has some holes I found this pretty enlighting:

Yes it again focusses on the UI and some pretty design features but there is a better skeleton there but basically on the login button you would start the animation up to the point where the example waits for a few second and at that point call a javascript function that takes the username and password to check with your back end. If successful you kick off the rest of the animation that completes the move to the application screen, if unsuccessfull you roll back the animation to present your login button again.

It would be nice if a full example showing something like this ends up on the page but its kinda hard without having a backend to talk to. I think they were heading there with Parse but then obviously Parse got shut down.