[Suggestion?] Using multiple computer with one device

I normally work with multiple computer and one device.
Because I need to work at home using git, sometime.

In this case, there is some problem that I can’t continually use my preview app(not fuse preview app).
As you already know, preview app installed from Computer A doesn’t work with Computer B.

So I have to remove preview app A and install preview app B.
How can I solve this?

When the custom preview app is built, it includes information about the host machine IP address that runs the Fuse daemon. As you can imagine, that IP address is different on your home and work machines. I imagine that’s not the only thing that changes, it’d be a different project being previewed anyway.

So then, there’s no easy way around this. Either just run a new custom preview every time you’re at a new machine, or use the Fuse Preview application to scan codes and launch the preview that way.