Connect Android device with Fuse


I`m new to Fuse and trying to preview one of the example apps on my Android device. I have installed the tools mentioned on the Export for Android page. My device is connected to the same network.

However, when I run a preview on my computer, nothing happens on my device.

What did I do wrong ? What do I need to do to make it work?

Hi there :slight_smile:

In order to export to iOS or Android, your device must be connected to the machine in order to install the app initially. Once it’s running it can be disconnected and will live-update on its own.

You may also have to enable the Android Developer Options on your device:

Just to clarify a little bit: your device must be connected to the development computer with a USB cable in order to install the preview the first time.

Once the preview has been installed all live reloads from Fuse will happen over wifi.

How does this carry across between dev sessions and various wifi hotspots? For example, if I export to Android via cable when I’m on my uni’s wifi, then take a break from writing the app and go home and use the wifi there, can I just open Sublime, save some changes and expect to see the app on my phone update itself or do I need to reconnect it to my computer via cable and export again?

Good observation :slight_smile: currently, you need to reconnect and export again.

Good to know, thanks! :slight_smile: