Social Media Mock not working on iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2

I compiled and tested the SocialMediaMock on an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2. The app is starting but not loading the news list. I build a second app with a different http request to a json list. But’s also not loading the json list…

Is there anything to double check to get the requests working. The raw json is correctly displayed in the safari browser on the phone. The app is working correct when previewing localy.

Thanks for reporting. We are working on reproducing this, will get back to you.

Did you enable non HTTPS in your project? The NSAppTransportSecurity key in your projects plist.

I m having the same issue and i did enable NSAppTransportSecurity …

@Bjorn-Olav: no, I just compiled the projekt. Where can I change the transport security?

@Sven: .build/iOS-Debug/SocialMediaMock/SocialMediaMock-Info.plist

It’s possible to do it from Fuse. Add a .uxl file in the project with the following contents:

<Extensions Backend="CPlusPlus" Condition="iOS">
 <Require Key="Xcode.Plist.Element">
   <true />

The use of the .uxl file with the above content did it for my project. I will test the Social Media Mock as well and report it.

Thx to Bjørn-Olav

The use of the .uxl file with the above content did it for me.

Thx to Bjorn-Olav

That “fix” is included in the next release. Remember that Apple strongly recommends to use https in your application and also a version higher than TLS 1.2. We will make these settings easier to tweak in a later version.

Also note that for some services that have signed the certificate with SHA-1, it’s possible to add NSExceptionRequiresForwardSecrecy false as a temp hack to get it working while upgrading to SHA-2.