Sketch Target Devices

I was looking at the docs about sketch. It mentions that its a good ideas to make the artboard the size of the target device. Is one artboard for one target device sufficient for Fuse to convert for all supported Iphone and Android versions?

So if my artboard is iPhone6, will fuse do the rest of the work?


Hi Alain,

If I understand you question right, then no you do not get a set of images the size of all supported device sizes.
After importing you sketch-file you get a folder containing all the resources named .sketch-assets which you can take a look at to see what you get. By default you will get two versions of each image generated, one the original size and one twice the size. If you want more control over the number of generated images and their density take a look at the Image Densities-section on the SketchImporter best practices page.

I hope this answers your question,