Show panel on top of map in Android bug


I have several problems when displaying a panel on top of a map in Android (working ok in iOS + local)

I guess it’s something related to the GraphicsView as when i remove it more or less it works :slight_smile:

here you have a sample minimal code that is not working (i have other samples where the map freezes when the popup is shown)



		var Observable 	= require("FuseJS/Observable");

		var uxMapPageMapMarkers = Observable();
		var uxMapPageLat = Observable(40.9908991);
		var uxMapPageLng = Observable(0.9236690999999837);
		var uxMapPageZoom = Observable(12);
		var inPanelVisibility = Observable();

		var itemList = Observable();

		mapMarkers = new Array();

			name: "my place",
			lat: 40.9908991,
			lng: 0.9236690999999837


		function myFunction() {
			inPanelVisibility.value = "Visible";

			itemList.add(new CustomSquare());

		function uxMapOnMapMarkerTapped(args) {
			inPanelVisibility.value = "Visible";

		function CustomSquare() {
			this.value = 1

		module.exports = {

    		uxMapPageMapMarkers: uxMapPageMapMarkers,
    		uxMapOnMapMarkerTapped: uxMapOnMapMarkerTapped,

    		uxMapPageZoom: uxMapPageZoom,

    		uxMapPageLat: 				uxMapPageLat,
    		uxMapPageLng: 				uxMapPageLng,
    		inPanelVisibility: inPanelVisibility,

    		myFunction: myFunction,

			itemList: itemList




			<Panel Dock="Top" Background="#ff0000" Height="80" HitTestMode="LocalVisualAndChildren">
					<Callback Handler="{myFunction}"/>


			<Panel Background="#00ff00">
				<NativeViewHost ux:Name="NativeView">
					<Panel ux:Name="inPanel" Visibility="Collapsed">
							<Panel  Background="#00ff00" Height="300" HitTestMode="LocalVisualAndChildren" Alignment="VerticalCenter">

								<!--Each Items="{itemList}">

									<Set inPanel.Visibility="Collapsed"/>
							<DataBinding Target="inPanel.Visibility" Key="inPanelVisibility" />


	            	<MapView Latitude="{uxMapPageLat}" Longitude="{uxMapPageLng}" ShowMyLocation="true" Zoom="{uxMapPageZoom}" MarkerTapped="{uxMapOnMapMarkerTapped}" ShowMyLocationButton="true"> 
	                	<Each Items="{uxMapPageMapMarkers}">
	                    	<MapMarker Latitude="{lat}" Longitude="{lng}" Label="{name}"/> 


		<Panel ux:Class="CustomSquare" Height="50%" Background="#0000ff">


Fuse version: 1.8.1
Mac OS
Android (both 6.0.1. and 7.0)