Problems when displaying something at the top of a mapview


I have found the following problems when displaying a panel at the top of a mapview (I had to emulate the “onMarkedTapped” trigger as it seems is not working properly and that’s a known bug):

1.- When the top panel has a “circle imagefill” it does not display the image. It works on local but not when running in iOS or android

2.- When the top panel has a bit of logic it takes way too long to be displayed (tested in iPhone SE and Nexus 7) when it takes 0 seconds in local. The logic is very simple: display a scrollview with some text per user. It seems that when a map is displayed JS speed decreases dramatically.

are those known bugs?

Fuse 1.8.0

I’ve met the point 1.
Regarding the point 2, I found a trick that solves most of my performances issues: use <GraphicsView> tag.

 <NativeViewHost Placed="{mapSizeEvent}">
            <Panel  >      
                    <ScrollView ux:Name="placeListPanel" AllowedScrollDirections="Horizontal">
                        <StackPanel ItemSpacing="15" Orientation="Horizontal" ClipToBounds="false">
                                <Each Items={markerToPlaceList}>

            <MapView ux:Name="generalMap" Latitude="{selectedLatitude}" Longitude="{selectedLongitude}"  ShowCompass="true"  ShowMyLocationButton="True" LocationLongPressed="{onLongPress}" Zoom="{mapZoomFactor}" ShowMyLocation="true">


it solved both problems :slight_smile:


now i have to wait for fuse to solve the “markedTapped” bug :slight_smile:


One thing to know - native components always are rendered on top of other elements. That’s why you can’t see panel on top of MapView. You could wrap MapView and other elements you want to see inside NativeViewHost.

Since MapView has MapMarker, you can use Tapped to trigger some javascript.

  1. From this post you can see a different approach to display image using GraphicsView.

  2. Would be nice to see some code, so we can test.

Hope this helps.