Content inside and layers below GraphicsView not showing

Trying to display a panel over map. Content in layers below GraphicsView is showing If GraphicsView opacity is set to any value less than 1.

Windows 7 Fuse version 0.30.0 (build 8529). Checked only in Android. Device preview and Export build same result

                <Button Text="Button 1" />
                <Rectangle Height="50" Color="#f00" />

                <GraphicsView >
                        <Button Text="Button 2" />
                        <Rectangle Height="50" Color="#0f0" />

                <Rectangle Height="50" Color="#00f" />

Hi, if I understand correctly the issue is that you’re unable to draw anything over a native view? This is to be expected; due to the way native views work on our supported platforms, we’re unable to composite them with the rest of our rendering system. I believe this is mentioned in our docs.

Hi Jake,

Not trying to draw over native view. In actual project inside NativeViewHost displaying map using MapView. When user click on a marker in map displaying details of that marker in an overlay panel. That is working perfectly. I want to add DropShadow to overlay panel so tried to place overlay panel inside GraphicsView then Primitives inside overlay Panel and map is not displaying. If GraphicsView opacity set to any value less than 1 map below GraphicsView is displaying.

GraphicsView example code from docs also not displaying button inside GraphicsView