How to place or move a component higher(Z offset) than the MapView component

Anyone know how or if this is possible? I’m trying to pop up a modal over a map view.

Just put it inside of the same NativeViewHost, and have it above your MapView in UX markup hierarchy.

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Shweet, thanks @Uldis! It works!

I previously just had the NativeViewHost enclosed around the MapView but now I placed it around the contents of the page and everything still works like a charm :smiley:

Works fine on iOS but on android (*correction, low end android), scroll events are going through to the MapView.

That’s a different issue, and as such it deserves a separate forum post, all with a complete, minimal reproduction that others could copy-paste and run.

Aye, will work on and post a reproduction asap.

+1 sample code here:

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Cool @zaulin, there ya go @Uldis :smile: