Sep 2018 - Fresh install of Android with fuse 1.9.0 Mac

After downloading fuse 1.9.0:

The command fuse install android fails at first (cos it hasn’t been updated since fuse went open source).

  1. Download and install the Java Development Kit 8:

  2. Close your terminal and reopen before running fuse install android again and voilà! (remember, the SDK install can take awhile, so go grab a cuppa while it installs)

The fuse installer should have detected your JDK and skipped trying to download and install it (I believe the download link is broken because of a recent minor version update 1.8.0_40 … 1.8.0_181).

Side note: Googles Play Store is requiring all new apps to target Android 8.0 (Oreo) at a minimum now. I personally am going to use 1.9.0 to make a “legacy” download available for users below android 8.0 because as of today, they still make a huge chunk of the android market (>70%):

To get your export for android working after the fresh install, you will need to download NDK 16 and replace it in your android SDK until someone comes out with a fix.

NDK 16b:

NDK is usually located in: /Users/<user folder>/Library/Android/sdk as ndk-bundle

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Same for Windows. thx for sharing.

Cool man, could you please share where the default Android folder is for other Windows users?

I did install Andoird with fuse fuse install android
Then Andoird stuff is located


There you can find “ndk-bundle” folder, which has to be replaced with NDK 16b

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