Fuse install android can't download JDK

Hi Fusers
want to install fuse 1.9 to my new PC. Download and install setup are fine, but when a type command in my cmd

fuse install android

i have these errors :

PS C:\Users\MVONDO> fuse install android
Fuse 1.9.0
Dispatcher busy for 1.6319711 seconds (UI unresponsive)
Starting android installer
Android Platform 21 was not found and is required.
Java Development Kit wasn't found or an incompatible version of Java Development Kit found.
If you have an existing version of Java Development Kit, please specify its path here. If not, just press Enter to conti

Do you accept the license? (y/n): y
Starting download of Java Development Kit
fuse: An error occurred during installation

my config

fuse : fuse 1.9
windows : 10 x64
internet: yes


Try instal JDK manually from here:

Then run fuse install android again