AndroidNDK fuse module was not found.


I’m trying to install the fuse android and I’m getting this error. How can I solve this problem?


What command did you run?

“fuse install android” and i run this command couple of time and i am using windows 8.1

I’ve seen a -s flag, I’m not too sure what that does but you can try fuse install -s android and then uno android to open the sdk manager and then try downloading the ndk from there. do an uno clean on your project, and restart your computer and see if that works

Thanks for your help. I’ll try soon.

Which version of Fuse are you using?

I’m using Version 0.12.3

There were some fixes done for the android installer in Fuse 0.12.4, upgrading to that might help:

Let me know if it still doesn’t work with 0.12.4.