Scroll does not work when going back through router


I have a scrolling page of a list of data and a page that shows the data when I click on that list. Two of each were made.
By the way, when you go back through router.goBack on the page showing the data, scrolling of the data list does not work.

Exactly, scrolling does not work, it works when you touch with two fingers. Not only scrolling, but all the functions shown on the screen are activated by touching with both hands.

InternalError: Missing LostCapture in Fuse.Input.Gesture.

Below is the code.


<ToolBar ux:Name="toolbar" Dock="Top">
            <Panel ux:Template="Contents">
                <ToolBarBack Alignment="Left" Padding="{deviceWidth}/37.5,0,{deviceWidth}/25,0" Clicked="{goBackToListPage}"/>
                <ToolBarMain MainText="OXTALK detail" Alignment="Center">
                    <Clicked><ScrollTo Target="detailOxtalkScroll" Position="0,0"/></Clicked>
                <ToolBarRight ux:Name="regists" Text="vote" Alignment="Right" Padding="{deviceWidth}/25,0,{deviceWidth}/37.5,0" ReadyTextColor="White" Visibility="Collapsed" Clicked="{setVote}">
                    <Clicked Handler="{completedVote}">
                        <Callback Handler="{showToast}"/>
                        <Change regists.Color="BorderPurple" />
                    <WhileTrue Value="{stateVoteButton}">
                        <Change regists.Visibility="Visible" />


<ScrollView ux:Name="listScroll">
            <StackPanel Dock="Top" Margin="0,0,0,{deviceHeight}/45.9333" >
                <AddOxtalk Dock="Top" Clicked="{pushAddOxtalkPage}"/>
                <Each Items="{list}">
                        <PopupMenu ux:Name="popupmenu" Alignment="TopLeft" Margin="{deviceWidth}/4.6875,{deviceHeight}/16.404761905,0,0"/>
                        <DockPanel ux:Name="dock" Margin="0,{deviceHeight}/45.9333,0,0" Padding="{deviceWidth}/25,{deviceHeight}/68.9" Color="White" Clicked="{getUserIdPopup}">
                            <ListHeader Dock="Top">
                                <Clicked Handler="{clickPopupList}">
                                  <GiveFocus TargetNode="popupmenu"/>
                            <DockPanel Dock="Top" Clicked="{pushDetailOxtalkPage}" HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren" Margin="0,{deviceHeight}/68.9,0,0">
                                <ListMiddle Dock="Top" />
                                <StackPanel Dock="Top">
                                    <VoteProgressBar ProgressHeight="{deviceHeight}/28.7084" TextFontSize="{deviceWidth}/26.785" oPersent="{voteOPercent}" xPersent="{voteXPercent}" >
                                        <Rectangle Width="{voteOPercent}%" Alignment="Left" Color="Blue" />
                                        <Rectangle Width="{voteXPercent}%" Alignment="Right" Color="Red"/>
                                <ListBack Dock="Top" />

            <Scrolled To="End" Within="-100" Handler="{getListPrevious}" />
            <Scrolled To="Start" Within="-30" Handler="{getListRecent}" />

Hi operate2v,

the only immediate problem I see with the code is that you should move these lines:

<WhileTrue Value="{stateVoteButton}">
    <Change regists.Visibility="Visible" />

outside of the direct parent container regists the visibility of which it tries to change.

Aside from that, please provide a complete, minimal reproduction that one could copy-paste and run. Please also include the details on Fuse version, OS you’re on and the preview (local / Android / iOS) the problem is observed.