new Fuse v 0.32.0 update broke my app

Before Fuse v 0.32.0 my app was working smoothly between navigating pages. Below is the code worked for me before new update.

 	         <Each Items="{activityData}">
 		<Card Title="{title}" Subtitle="{created}">
 				<Clicked Handler="{showDetailPage}"/>


When ever I clicked on . it navigate to “showDetailPage” (showDetailPage is just a function) with the data displayed after clicking showDetailPage. But after the update “showDetailPage” doesn’t even get response to click.

This is a js I used to push data whenever showDetailPage is clicked

    function showDetailPage(args)
       selectedItem.value =;
       router.push("DetailPage", selectedItem.value);

inside DetailPage ux. JS looks like this. Note: DetailPage.js is a separate file.

   var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
   var description = this.Parameter
   function button_go_back()

Hi! Sorry to hear that. There is not enough information in this post to identify the problem. Please read the release changelog carefully, as there might be subtle differences between releases. If you can’t figure it out please provide a complete project that demonstrates the problem. Thanks!


tl;dr= ‘Clicked Handler’ doesn’t work anymore after the update inside ‘Each’ tag. Used my git and went back to previous version. It worked completely fine. I checked whether I changed the previous version of my code to new version using git… nothing was changed. Not sure what’s going on. Been 2 hrs trying to figure it out.

Sorry to hear that. I still need a complete test case in order to help further.

This test case works fine, so using Clicked inside Each is not generally broken. I need your specific test case to debug further.

		exports.hello = function() {

		exports.things = [1,2,3]

		<Each Items="{things}">
			<Rectangle Clicked="{hello}" Margin="10" Color="Blue" Height="50" />

Update: just had to restart my computer and it works perfectly. Strange that I have to restart computer after installing fuse. Thanks for looking into it though.