Safe JavaScript libs

I was just wondering if there was a way to determine what javascript libs out there would be “safe” to use with Fuse.

My assumption is that anything that would run in the browser that does not rely on the DOM or browser-specific objects like “window” would be fine.

Is that approximately right?

Something I’m having trouble with at the moment is figuring out what’s the best way to move forward with a project that relies on external tools that provide native and browser libs. For example, I know there are some… semi-official (?) uno wrappers for Firebase’s native libs. If I do not have the time to try and write uno wrappers for the database portion (since that doesn’t seem to exist yet), can I just use the JS lib and modify an Observable whenever the js firebase object changes?

I’m using Firebase as an example, but the core of the question is really, “what are the specific criteria for what js libs can be used with Fuse”?

Hi Raphael,

you have correctly deduced that libs which rely on DOM or browser-specific objects would not work out-of-the-box. This page here gives an overview of what JS libs should work fine with Fuse:

So the exact answer to your question what are the specific criteria for what js libs can be used with Fuse? is: “it depends; you should test it.”

Speaking of the Firebase example, your best bet is to watch (and get involved) with this repository: - it has a couple active forks that seem to tackle the database part of bindings.