Angular JS with Fuse

As its said that we can use javascript in/with fuse, ::can we implement AngularJS and other js frameworks in Fuse? Thanks

This is a complex question: The answer is both yes and no.

You can bundle and use practically any JS library conforming to the CommonJS standard, and there is an Angular 2 implementation for Fuse in the works, but as a general rule your mileage may vary significantly here depending on your expectations for the following reasons.

It’s important, coming to Fuse, that you realise it is not a web or browser based platform despite using markup and JS, and the ways that we handle data binding, layout and animation are all idiosyncratic to the platform. Fuse treats JS like a first class critical component, but it pays little real regard to how JS is handled by browsers: It is simply the scripting language we chose.

Thus, you can assume that any JS framework that acts on the DOM or uses other web concepts can’t be expected to behave as it would in a browser, much like how any NodeJS library that depends on modules like process and fs wouldn’t be expected to work in a web page.

Instead, Fuse straddles a kind of middle ground here that at times can be uneasy, giving a hypothetical Fuse-specific JS framework the capacity to perform tasks that are both OS-level and rendering-oriented, but not really playing nice with the currently in vogue web frameworks by necessity.

Other team members may fill in more details here, but in my personal opinion you’ll find greater success with Fuse (and have more fun) if you approach it as a New Thing rather than something similar to apply web philosophies to.

Thanks, this bought me clarity about implementing AngularJS in Fuse :smiley: :smiley: