Running Fuse on multi user environment on Windows


Just found out an issue with multi user environment on Windows 10. Let’s suppose the following basic scenario:

-> Windows is installed with User A

-> User A creates User B (also administrator)

-> User A installs Fuse, runs a sample app checking if local preview is right

-> User B log in and open Fuse

-> Fuse installs all dependencies on C:\Users\UserB\AppData\Local\Fusetools, but don’t copy Outracks.Simulator.Client.Uno & Outracks.Simulator.Common.Uno, so local preview crashes for User B

  • Copying both packages from User A to User B solves the issue

Maybe an option to install for all users should be available or just somehow fetch those packages from somewhere

Thanks for the bug report! We have filed an issue for this, but it might be some time until we can prioritize fixing it. In the mean time, copying those packages is a good workaround. Sorry for the inconvenience!