Reduce RAM and CPU usage of exported app

I exported my app in the release configuration for iOS. I noticed on XCode (and on my iPhone) that my memory usage was increasing as I continued to visit pages.

My CPU usage also spiked after visiting certain pages and the CPU usage continued to stay high even after I left the page.

Are there tips to unload pages off memory?

Yes, there are ways to unload pages, but generally Fuse takes care of that for you. Exactly what and how to optimise depends on what your code does, so it’s hard to suggest anything particular without seeing it.

One question though - are you using custom transitions on your pages?

I’m not using custom transitions on my pages right now, but they will probably be integrated in the future. I have a fair amount of pages so it would be hard to share any code here. To give you a brief idea: I have pages with videos, images, basic animations etc. It’s mostly UX for now with some dummy data and a few simple functions in JS.

I have my preview app set up with a table of contents so that I can test the various pages without having to be in the flow of the app. Wondering if this is a problem.

As a rule of thumb, you should only optimise the things that you see are a problem. So if you’re unsure where the lag / memory consumption comes from, you should start with commenting out code until you find the exact place and isolate the cause.

Without any specific details, this is nothing but a generic chat, and we can’t suggest anything particular.