Excessive memory usage in Fuse

I’m using quite a lot of images in my app, and therefore using quite a lot of memory. However when running it in preview in Fuse the memory never seems to be freed, and therefore hitting a couple of gigs ram quite quick. Is there anything I can do to release memory when refreshing the preview? Or have you planned to do anything about this? Not a huge issue, but it makes me have to restart fuse atleast a couple of times pr hour.

I guess this will be a smaller problem when BundleFileImageSource disposes its texture after being unpinned.

This seems to me to be a bigger problem on mac than windows, but it could also be since the mac I’m using has lot less memory. However, on windows I hover around 4-600 megs, while on the mac it goes above a gig quite fast, and never really dips under after that.

I have created tickets for this.