Ready for production launch?

Hi Guys,

It has been exciting to see this platform grow at this speed! Congrats. Just a bit curious whether this beta release would generate a production launchable application or should i assume we should wait till post-beta release before i can build something other than demo apps.

regards, Shankar

Hi Shankar!

The current Fuse release is indeed capable of producing production-ready apps. There are a few apps on app store made with Fuse already, e.g. .

A few commercial projects based on fuse:

However, Fuse’s current focus at this stage is on creating an awesome workflow for working with app designs and interaction.

Completeness in terms of convenient wrapper business features needed by all sorts of apps will grow over time. However, Uno is still there and you can access all 3rdparty libraries with it. It’s just not that well documented (yet)