Question on states

Hi, I’m looking at different solutions to build a geolocation tracking app. I was going through your docs and read under lifecycle that if the app is ever put in the background it suspends all operations. Would this stop all code executions like timeouts that would periodically send geolocation updates? In other words if I opened my app, started geolocation then switched to check my email or do a quick browser search, this would kill any geolocation signals back to my server? If so, is this fuse specific or does this happen for any other tool like react native or pure native apps?

Hi Jared,

the current geolocation implementation in Fuse does not stay running as a background task. If you need that for your app, you should implement that using Foreign code.

An app that we have made previously, FuseCloud, has background audio as an example. I imagine you could attack the geolocation challenge in a similar way.

Hope this helps!