Proxy bypass


Would it be possible to either bypass the initial proxy server connection or to run it in the background?

I was going to play with my newest app while waiting for the underground metro, but I would receive the proxy connection failure message before being able to continue, or I would get the connection screen hanging without an update.

I’d like to hide this behavior from the end user since their usage isn’t dependent on server connections, at least not for the first few seconds of using the app.

Thanks, Ryan

Hi Ryan,

The proxy is only used when you preview your app. When you do a normal build, there is no proxy involved, then it works just as any normal app. You can read more about that in our preview and export guide.

The proxy server is just a process running on your local computer when you’re developing the app. When you build your app for preview, a bit of extra code is injected that makes it connect back to that proxy. This allows the app to connect to your Fuse daemon and get live reload when you make changes to your UX and JavaScript. And just to be clear, since we’ve gotten that question before, there’s no internet connections involved here, the proxy is just dealing with local connections between your devices and processes on your own computer.

TLDR: fuse build instead of fuse preview.

Hi Anders,

Thank you very much for the explanation and link!


No problem! In fact your post made me realise we should write up a somewhat more detailed explanation of what I posted above. I’ll write one and post it in the guides section shortly. Thanks for the inspiration! :slight_smile: