Problems refactoring to 0.30

I’m trying to move to 0.30, but some packages are lost. I understood I can still include obsolete packages. However the compiler doesn’t seems to find Fuse.Entities . I have added that to my project file, but compiler says Fuse doesn’t contain Entities.

I need

Fuse.Entities.Frustum and

from that package. Are they relocated?

I just tried, and apart from having to add “Fuse.Entities” to “Packages”, I had no problems instantiating a Transform3D from UX. The package should still be shipped, just excluded from the “Fuse”-package. Could you share a minimal reproduction where it doesn’t work for you?

Yeah, you need to add “Fuse.Entities” to Fuse3D.unoproj, like this:

diff --git a/Fuse3D.unoproj b/Fuse3D.unoproj
index 1cd660c..ade07ed 100644
--- a/Fuse3D.unoproj
+++ b/Fuse3D.unoproj
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
   "Packages": [
+        "Fuse.Entities",

Works now, thanks.